Exhibition Sectors

Direct communication in the following areas:

All kinds of travel equipment such as camping equipment, luggage, tents, lighting equipment, caravans and trailers

All types of passenger vehicles (buses, middle buses, vans)

Electronic tourism services

Hotels and tourist villages

Crafts and arts

Travel service agencies and companies

Air, sea, land and rail lines

Passenger terminals

Health tourism

Sport Tourism

Pilgrimage tourism

Ecotourism and nature tourism

Investment companies

Banks and insurances

Electronic banking

Online reservation system

Travel and tourism organizations

Unions and associations

Related schools and universities

Free trade zones and special tourism zones

Specialized publications

Museums and Palace of Museums

Traditional restaurants and classic coffee shops

Groups of traditional religious performances and local music groups

Organizations and institutions related to preservation of ancient  and cultural heritage and other related industries and services

Workshop section:

The titles of the workshops will be announced later.

Corresponding meeting section:

Registration for this section will be notified.

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