About Iran Tourism Show

The 17th Tehran International Tourism & Related Industries Exhibition is a premier event in the tourism industry, showcasing the latest trends, products, and services in the field. With a focus on promoting tourism and related industries, this exhibition brings together professionals, exhibitors, and visitors from around the world. From travel agencies and tour operators to hotels and airlines, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of offerings, network with industry experts, and discover new business opportunities. In addition to the exhibition, there will be informative seminars, workshops, and panel discussions, providing valuable insights into the current tourism landscape. Whether you are a travel enthusiast, industry professional, or business owner, this exhibition offers a platform to stay updated, forge new partnerships, and be inspired by the latest developments in the tourism industry.

The most important consequence of tourism is its economic results. Therefore, in all countries, rich and poor, efforts are made to take advantage of a strong economy in economic development programs to give tourism an important place so that it can be as much as possible in the shadow of calculated planning. Attract tourists communities to increase their income and achieve tourism goals, they have to compete to attract future travelers and one of the most important factors for their success in this way is to use a proper marketing method. Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups can produce, create and exchange products.