About Iran Tourism

Tourism is a relatively complex activity that involves several sectors of society and the economy. This can cause unwanted and unexpected damage without planning. Despite the fierce competition for the development of tourism in the community, proper planning must be done to achieve the goals of tourism development.
The tourist attractions of a destination are not limited to the characteristics of the natural environment or buildings, handicrafts, etc. the events that take place in a tourist destination can be considered as an important source to attract tourists.
Today, the importance of setting up tourism fairs in the development of the global economy is increasing day by day, so that according to studies, setting up fairs earns at least $ 2 billion annually directly to the global economy.
The establishment of exhibitions, especially at the regional and international levels, provides the dynamics of the local economy in various aspects, including helping to develop and prosper the tourism industry, as well as maintaining and promoting the national employment level. The purpose of holding the exhibition is to strengthen and develop the Tourism industry and its impact on the country’s macro-economy and increase employment in the country. There is a correlation between the establishment of exhibitions and the development of tourism and commercial tourism and shows that the establishment of an exhibition directly attracts a large number of tourists and leads to economic prosperity in the region.
The most important consequence of tourism is its economic results. Therefore, in all countries, rich and poor, efforts are made to take advantage of a strong economy in economic development programs to give tourism an important place so that it can be as much as possible in the shadow of calculated planning. Attract tourists. Communities to increase their income and achieve tourism goals, They have to compete to attract future travelers and one of the most important factors for their success in this way is to use a proper marketing method. Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups can produce, create and exchange products. And values meet their needs and wants with others.
In addition to being a marketing tool, holding exhibitions can attract a large number of tourists in the region as an attraction. Exhibitions held in cities, depending on local, national, and international dimensions, directly or indirectly attract the attention of that group of enthusiasts and also provide an opportunity to promote and introduce the city to tourists.